Vido Page!!! Mostly of Chubs and ChubCats

Chubby Cuppy Cake boy...aww he is so cute but his cheeks are huge!

Wow. This REALLY makes you feel SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad about making fun of fat people. It really makes you think of how lucky you are to be not as heavy as these people in this video. This is BEFORE her "turning over of a new leaf", you could call it.

This is Jessica AFTER (she's the blonde - watch this video to see more.) You won't BELIEVE IT. After I saw the video of her before (search "fat Jessica" on YouTube), I felt like puking. I felt so bad for her!!!!! But this video made me sooooooooooooooooo happy! =D :)

Now THIS is funny because you know it is fake. ↓